Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Billy Valentine

I began to find my authentic musical voice in 1991 thanks in large part to Billy Valentine. Billy is a really special soul. He’s a great friend. Someone who I’ve shared the road with for nearly twenty years. I love the guy. Deeply.

And he is one of the truly great singers around today. I’m continually amazed that more people do not know who he is. It never fails that when a newbie hears him for the first time, they are floored.

So, in the quest to increase Billy’s currency whenever possible, we at SoA found a great opportunity for mixing him into our musical fold.

On Tuesday night, November 24th, when our next-to-last episode of Season Two of Sons Of Anarchy airs, viewers will hear Billy singing the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Someday Never Comes.” It's on iTunes, so if you’re digging it, drop the 99¢ and spread the word.

As a bonus, here is a a song from 1991 that I wrote with the incredible Phil Roy, my brother from 3 Guys From Italy. It’s called “Hope In A Hopeless World”. It’s been recorded many times. But no offense to the good people who have sung this song, none have brought it like Billy did....


Hope In A Hopeless World by Billy Valentine">

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Episode 2 of the new season of Sons Of Anarchy features Ruby Tuesday as sung by the beautiful and soulful Katey Sagal.... Wish you guys could hear it but those who control the rights (not FX, not the Stones) will not allow it to be posted on the website! Maybe the good people at FOX will hurry an iTunes release! So come on guys, let's make it happen!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sons Of Anarchy - Season Two - Premiere Episode Music

The opening?

ANVIL!!!! Rawk in all its recklessness. “Slip Kid”, a song by The Who. Matt Hyde makes is sound rad and Franky Perez (people should know about him) sings his friggin’ ass off.

The closing?

LIONS doing an amazing take on “Girl From The North Country”. When you see the montage you’ll be blown away. I read the script which called for four different versions of the song to seamlessly play, one into the other. I asked LIONS to do a version for us. Gave them no direction at all. Just said I wanted to hear what they had to say When they sent it to me, the other three versions were no longer needed. LIONS have managed to capture all emotions necessary. It’s pretty incredible when you land on the same cosmic page like that.

Go buy these two tracks on iTunes. They’re waiting for you. at 99¢ a piece, sounds like a good deal!